Oracle Standard Edition 2 – What Does It Mean?

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Time has come. Oracle releases Standard Edition 2 as version You can download it from the
official website of Oracle: Download at
What does it mean?
Above all else, all clients utilizing the Standard Edition can at last perform the upgrade to Oracle 12c
version, but, subsequently, they require a Standard Edition Two License, which however is at
the same cost as the “old” Standard Edition acoording to Oracle Technology Global Price List September
1, 2015. So a migration is free for those clients. May be it is different with clients using the Standard
Edition One. For those extra expenses emerge with a relocation to the Standard Edition Two. Right now,
Oracle discusses a 20 percent uplist on the support expense.
The Standard Edition Two has a few restrictions as well:

  • One can use maximum 2 sockets, instead of 4.
  • One can use maximum 16 Threads instead of umlimited as some time recently. Know that
    Hyperthreading counts.
  • Oracle RAC can be utilized, yet again constrained to two attachments and 16 threads.
  • The quantity of threads here is a hard point of confinement, which implies that an Oracle Standard Edition 2 database can’t use more than 16 Threads, yet it is allowed for the server to support more than 16 threads. So if more than one, Oracle Database is set up on a server, more than 16 threads can consequently be used too.

    The support of Standard Edition and Standard Edition One terminates in August 2016 with version Until that point, there will still be Patches for this versions too. Also, both Standard Edition and Standard Edition One will be accessible for selling until November 30th 2015.

    Advantages and Disadvantages
    Clients may be keen on utilizing Oracle RAC for expanding the accessibility of their Oracle databases. The expansion charge is insignificant if compared with the advantages they have with RAC. But, clients using Standard Edition on servers with 4 Sockets will need to migrate their licenses to Enterprise Edition which is in fact an enormous uplift on the cost.Synergistically supply global testing procedures through ethical scenarios.

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