In a crowded marketplace, what makes LimeDB stand out as a refreshingly different IT services provider? It’s that fact that our business is built around customer needs.

Here are 3 great reasons to choose us, which prove our credentials as a customer focused company:

Customer Service –As a relatively small but fast growing organisation, we have developed the credibility and vast experience to confidently support our customers with any of their software needs. In contrast to the larger, faceless corporations, we enjoy communicating with clients and are constantly acting upon their feedback to deliver the best customer service possible.

Customer First– As we are not affiliated with any particular supplier, our independence means that we’re able to put the customer first and offer the solutions that best meet their needs. For example, when transferring databases to public data centres, we recommend either Oracle, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, depending on requirements.

Customer Credibility– Our Management Team have a proven track record of working with large, high profile organisations and consistently exceeding their expectations. The vast credibility we have developed with our customers means that LimeDB has gone from strength to strength, since we started in 2011. We have built an enviable reputation in the market for offering cost-effective, professional IT services that are a perfect fit for our clients and their business goals.